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A Doll's House by Henrick Ibsen

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A Doll's House by Henrick Ibsen

November 18, 2010
It was a compelling interpretation of this classic play, and another triumph for Jan Wyld, who regularly proves that she can wipe the stage with more feted professional performers.

“A Doll's House was based on the life of Laura Kieler (maiden name Laura Smith Petersen). She was a good friend of [Henrick] Ibsen. Much that happened between Nora and Torvald happened to Laura and her husband, Victor, with the most important exception being the forged signature that was the basis of Nora's loan. In real life, when Victor found out about Laura's secret loan, he divorced her and had her committed to an asylum. Two years later, she returned to her husband and children at his urging, and she went on to become a well-known Danish author, living to the age of 83. In the play, Nora left Torvald with head held high, though facing an uncertain future given the limitations women faced in the society of the time.”


The play's focus is Nora, a seemingly delicate and over-protected wife of Torvald Helmer. At the beginning of the play we see how Nora loves her husband and children above all else, and is even willing to risk her own reputation to save his. However, during the course of the play Nora begins to doubt her unquestioning devotion and is left fighting for her own survival. At the conclusion the audience is left to decide whether they applaud or condemn her dramatic course of action.

At a time when women's roles in society are being continually evaluated, this play, although written over a hundred years ago, is highly topical in 2010. Any audience member, both male and female, will be interested to consider whether Ibsen’s portrayal of Nora and Torvald's changing relationship invites a different response today compared with that of the audience member in the early 1900s.

“Ibsen wrote A Doll's House at the point when Laura Kieler had been committed to the asylum, and the fate of this friend of the family shook him deeply, perhaps also because Laura had asked him to intervene at a crucial point in the scandal, which he did not feel able or willing to do. Instead, he turned this life situation into an aesthetically shaped, successful drama. Kieler eventually rebound from the shame of the scandal and had her own successful writing career while remaining discontent with sole recognition as "Ibsen's Nora" years afterwards.”



Jan Wyld as Nora
Mark Ritchie as Torvald

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Tickets are available via the The Tivoli Theatre Box Office: telephone 01202-885566.
Ticket price: £10 (Matinees £8).

Venue: The Tivoli

The Tivoli Theatre was built in 1936 as a cine/theatre and the tradition of showing both films and live stage shows continues to the present day. Big audiences for major shows were traditional at the Tivoli and the theatre has once again achieved the status of a major 500 seat venue. The feedback from artistes and agents backs up the claim to this phenomenal success.


Nora Helmer: Jan Wyld; Torvald Helmer: Mark Ritchie; Kristine Linde: Frances Aspinall; Nils Krogstad: Andy Oldfield; Dr Rank: Graham Haigh; Anne-marie: June Lane.

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